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API Security Risks

API calls account for 83% of all internet traffic. APIs expose up to 90% attack surface for web & mobile-enabled applications. 1 in 2 small businesses has reported a breach in the past 12 months.

API Security Challenges

Top API vulnerabilities come from business-logic, role-configuration, and compliance flaws making web security, pen-testing, and WAF approaches obsolete against top API exploits.

Instant API Security

APISec™ is the next-gen continuous API security platform.Instantly detect and fix OWASP API Security Top 10, pen-testing, business-logic, role-configuration & compliance vulnerabilities in APIs.

API Security Challenges

Rising Application Security Costs

Conventional application security testing approaches are inefficient and ineffective, requiring a considerable investment in experts performing manual tasks. These approaches become so expensive that only the highest priority apps are ever tested for security flaws.

Manual Compliance Delaying Application Releases

Many enterprises rely on periodic application security audits to comply with common standards like PCI 6.5 and OWASP. Unfortunately, these audits are often performed very late in the development cycle, adding to enormous project delays and costs associated with Fix-Test-Redeploy activities.

75% of Attacks Target the API Layer

Security vulnerabilities stemming from the REST API layer continue to go undetected in most application security tools. Enterprises often struggle to prevent API-specific vulnerabilities like data breaches as a result of improper implementation of RBAC roles or ABAC roles that control access to resources.
The lack of comprehensive and integrated API security management can often lead to data loss attacks that can shut down application services.

CCPA & GDPR Privacy Laws & Fines

The new introduced CCPA and GDPR Privacy laws will now require organizations to report accidental data exposure and breaches, and pay business-breaking fines. Most early-stage startups don’t have the emergency fund to cover these fines, and they end up winding down. The large organizations that delay API Security will end up paying per record exposure and risking brand damage.

APISec™ Benefits & Features

Enterprise-grade API security platform providing on-demand and continuous security coverage and compliance for OWASP and API security standards. APISec™ Cloud is available as SaaS with flexible subscription models.

Instant API Security Coverage

APISec™ Cloud helps enterprises prevent data leaks and data corruption vulnerabilities with instant security coverage for API-specific vulnerabilities like unsecured endpoints, login attacks, DDoS, SQL Injection, and many others. With the risk-based security-first approach, enterprises can detect API vulnerabilities, prioritize them and use Read advice to quickly fix or block them at the earliest points in the development cycle where costs are low and application dependencies are less complex. less

Continuous Compliance

With APISec™ Cloud’s comprehensive and integrated API security management, enterprises can get on-demand and continuous compliance for PCI 6.5 and OWASP standards—eliminating the need for periodic application security audits, which are inefficient and ineffective and require a huge investment in experts performing manual tasks.

Continuous Access Control Assessment

APISec™ specializes in automatically identifying privilege escalation vulnerabilities (RBAC) and unauthorized access to resources (ABAC), which are impossible to find otherwise. Such vulnerabilities have contributed to the most prominent API attacks and could cost companies Read more.. extremely high fines for breaching GDPR and other regulatory guidelines. less


Automatic YAML based Playbook Generation. Ability to customize and extend coverage without coding.

Automatic Vulnerability Management.

Automatic open & close issues across Jira, BugZilla, & GitHub.

Super-fast DevSecOps pipeline

Scan for thousands of exploits in seconds. Instantly access and scans from AWS, Azure, & GCP regions.

Analytics & Remediation

Shorten resolution times with detailed analytics and wire logging to quickly fix issues. Accelerate remediation with example code snippets for all identified vulnerabilities in all major programming languages.

Distributed Parallel Executions

Run security scans across any public or private cloud in parallel to achieve unmatched scalability and scanning speed.

MarketPlace For Reusable Datasets

FX Marketplace provides access to datasets published by experts to accelerate and expand security coverage. Quickly inject these datasets and create thousands of unique iterations with a simple command.

No Security Researcher Required

APISec™ automatically gets started by writing personalized and granular validations for APIs across OWASP API Security Top 10, Pentesting, & Compliance categories. And it automatically proofread validations and separates the validations that require human review.

Zero False-Positives

APISec™ has an in-built Defuser™ bot that automatically reviews vulnerabilities and silently removes issues that either false-positives or false-negatives. This way, only 100% accurate vulnerabilities shared with the development team.

Instant Report

APISec™ automatically creates reports for everybody, including exec’s, security teams, & developers.


APISec™ can secure API of any size and scale, whether the API is serving one customer or one billion customers.


Save 70% or more of the security testing cost.