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API Security Risks

API calls account for 83% of all internet traffic. APIs expose up to 90% attack surface for web & mobile-enabled applications. 1 in 2 small businesses has reported a breach in the past 12 months.

API Security Challenges

As per OWASP, Top API vulnerabilities come from business-logic, role-configuration, and access-control flaws. Making web security,pen-testing, and WAF approaches obsolete against the top API exploits.

Instant API Security

APISec™ is the cloud-native continuous API security platform, instantly detect and fix OWASP API Security Top 10, Business-Logic, Role-Configuration & Access-Control vulnerabilities in the API layer.

How It Works

Enterprise-grade API security platform providing on-demand and continuous security coverage and compliance for OWASP and API security standards. APISec™ Cloud is available as SaaS with flexible subscription models.

Instant & Comprehensive

Scans a live API and instantly creates personalized coverage for over 100 exploits including OWASP API Security Top 10, pen-testing, compliance, business-logic, and role-configuration flaws

APIs - Web, Mobile, IoT

Secures all kinds of APIs including public, private, web, mobile, & IoT

Software-Defined Security

Enables Security-as-Code for consistency, customizability, and coverage extendability without writing code.