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CIOs fortifying their business assets with APISec™

API Risks to Business

  • Businesses are facing unprecedented breach risks; on average, 1 in 4 startups have reported a breach in the past 24 months.
  • APIs now account for 40% of overall attack-area for web-enabled Apps.
  • APIs will account for 90% of overall attack-area for web-enabled Apps by 2022.
  • Most regulated industries require periodic security audit reports. Internal Sales, B2B customers, and partners continuously ask for security reports.
  • Most large enterprises including Citi, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. across all industries have reported API breaches in the past 12 months.

Top Challenges - Why is Security Often Delayed?

  • Lack of comprehensive API coverage
  • Lack of a security resource time
  • Lack of self-service option and steep learning curve
  • Lack of false-positives and false-negative remover
  • Lack of developer toolchain integrations
  • Lack of developer-friendly feedback
  • Lack of customer & industry-standard reports
  • Lack of customizability and extendability

Why Pen Testing doesn't solve all the Problems?

  • Manual audits are often prone to human errors, scale and usually take several weeks to complete.
  • Lacks continuous scanning capability
  • It doesn’t offer developer-friendly remediation
  • It doesn’t cover all the top risks
  • It doesn’t help in validating issues post developer fixes
  • Is expensive

Our Solution

APISec™ is built on the Zero Risk Model™ is a self-service and continuous API security solution. It eliminates the false-positive fatigue by writing custom validations as playbooks for every API it covers. It automatically detects, prioritizes, helps you fix vulnerabilities early.

APISec™ Benefits

Comprehensive & Continuous Coverage

APISec™ is the only platform that instantly covers OWASP API Security Top 10, Pen Testing, and Compliance use-cases, so you don’t need several different initiatives.

Zero Risk Model™

APISec™ helps you go live with zero risks to the business.

No Security Resource Time Required

APISec™ is fully automatic and has a zero learning curve. You can get started with just two inputs.

Developer Tool Chains Integration

APISec™ integrates with dozens of developer tools. Allowing your team to work the way they manage, triage, operate and collaborate work.

Developer-friendly feedback

APISec™ provides developer-friendly vulnerability details and debugging instructions.


APISec™ automatically creates reports for everybody, including exec’s, security teams, and developers.


APISec™ automatically creates reports for everybody, including exec’s, security teams, and developers.

Zero False-Positives

APISec™ has an in-built Defuser™ bot that automatically reviews vulnerabilities and silently removes issues that either false-positives or false-negatives. This way, only 100% accurate vulnerabilities shared with the development team.

Automatic Proofread

APISec™ automatically writes developer-friendly validations as Playbooks. It automatically proofreads and separates Playbooks that require human fixes.

Auto Deploy Private & Cloud Scanners

Instantly deploy scanners across Azure, AWS, GCP, Docker, & Kubernetes with one-click.

Automatic Vulnerability Management

Automatically manages vulnerability life cycle (open/close) across several issue trackers including Jira, Bugzilla, GitLab Issues, GitHub Issues, PivotalTracker, etc.

High-Performance Scans

APISec™ can run thousands of scans under 5 minutes.

Internet-Scale Solution

APISec™ can secure API of any size and scale, whether the API is serving one customer or 1 billion customers.

Enterprise Friendly Pricing

Save up to 70% of your API security cost. Check out all our features. We offer pricing that fits every enterprise budget.

Check out if APISec™ can automate your security.

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