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CTO's fortify their role as product & data security champion with APISec™

Startup CTOs Owns App Security

  • Startups are facing unprecedented breach risks; on average, 1 in 4 startups have reported a breach in the past 24 months. APIs now account for 40% of attack-area for web-enabled Apps. APIs powering micro-services and modern UI frameworks like Angular, React posses even higher risk at 90%.
  • Most startups in regulated industries require periodic security audit reports. Internal Sales, B2B customers, and partners continuously ask for security reports which are usually the CTO’s responsibilities.
  • In the early days, CTO’s are more involved in day-2-day product development. As the business grows, CTO’s take on the product champion role and usually handovers the day-2-day development operations to more seasoned VP of Engineering.
  • If the software is central to the business model, CTO’s may serve as or along with the CIO on the executive committee, i.e., CTO’s should take on the security responsibility as soon as possible to strengthen their role as product & data security champion.
  • CTO usually lead software development and availability efforts, and it is expected they take initiatives for data protection efforts as well.

Top Priorities vs Risk

API vs Web vs Mobile Risks

Top Challenges - Why is Security Often Delayed?

  • Lack of budget to hire the security resource
  • Lack of a specialist to implement and manage security tools
  • Lack of self-service options in security tools
  • Missing security tool’s integrations with the developer tool chain.
  • Most tools don’t provide instant and meaningful feedback early in the development cycle.

Why Pen Testing doesn't solve all the Problems?

  • Manual audits are often prone to human errors, scale and usually take several weeks to complete.
  • Lacks continuous scanning capability
  • It doesn’t offer developer-friendly remediation
  • It doesn’t cover all the top risks
  • It doesn’t help in validating issues post developer fixes
  • Is expensive

Our Solution

APISec™ is built on the Zero Risk Model™ is a self-service and continuous API security solution. It eliminates the false-positive fatigue by writing custom validations as playbooks for every API it covers. It automatically detects, prioritizes, helps you fix vulnerabilities early.

APISec™ Benefits

No Security Resource Required

APISec™ is fully automatic and has a zero learning curve. You can get started with just two inputs.

Managed Security Services

No need to train or dedicate a resource from your side. You can easily get started with an assigned security resource from our team at a fraction of the cost.

Comprehensive & Continuous Coverage

APISec™ is the only platform that instantly covers OWASP API Security Top 10, Pentesting, and Compliance use-cases, so you don’t need several different initiatives.

Zero Risk Model™

APISec™ helps you go live with zero risks to the business.

Developer Tool Chains Integration

APISec™ integrates with dozens of developer tools. Allowing your team to work the way they manage, triage, operate and collaborate work.

Developer-Friendly Feedback

APISec™ provides developer-friendly vulnerability details and debugging instructions.


APISec™ automatically creates reports for everybody, including exec’s, security teams, and developers.

Zero False-Positives

APISec™ has an in-built Defuser™ bot that automatically reviews vulnerabilities and silently removes issues that either false-positives or false-negatives. This way, only 100% accurate vulnerabilities shared with the development team.

Automatic Proofread

APISec™ automatically writes developer-friendly validations as Playbooks. It automatically proofreads and separates Playbooks that require human fixes.

Auto Deploy Private & Cloud Scanners

Instantly deploy scanners across Azure, AWS, GCP, Docker, & Kubernetes with one-click.

Automatic Vulnerability Management

Automatically manages vulnerability life cycle (open/close) across several issue trackers including Jira, Bugzilla, GitLab Issues, GitHub Issues, PivotalTracker, etc.

High-Performance Scans

APISec™ can run thousands of scans under 5 minutes.

Internet-Scale Solution

APISec™ can secure API of any size and scale, whether the API is serving one customer or 1 billion customers.

Startup Pricing

Save up to 90% of your security cost. Check out all our features. We offer pricing that fits the startup needs and the budget.

Check out if APISec™ can automate your security.

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